Handmade Luxurious Gourmet Sweets

  Normally takes inspiration from what is visually engaging and converts it in to the most unusual handcrafted treats. Given that its inception in 2010 by a zealous trio - Shanu Arora who's a gold medalist in inside designing but opted for the full-time career in chocolate making, Nishu Wason who's got travelled the whole world to gain working experience to develop variety of chocolate delicacies and Amit Arora who's got 16 a long time of expertise inside the Foodstuff sector - the manufacturer has progressed and retains on introducing progressive flavours to tickle the taste buds of its ever-growing clientele throughout the world.

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  Chocoallure’s USP is its center on perfection the two in layout and presentation in addition to some ingenious parts crafted with globally acquired techniques as well as very best components. It provides a tailor-made assortment of delectable handmade alternatives for just about any celebration, be it weddings or any celebrations, one particular hardly ever demands a motive or year to relish the wide range of delicacies.

For tailor made chocolate in HK that’s unlike any other, turn to the personalized chocolate expert in Swiss chocolate in the country.

  It's got freeze-dried berries, and velvety ganache infused scrumptious truffles and sweets out there in lots of flavours and textures. The brand name has so far introduced a selection of some beautiful flavour-coated nuts. The rose gold caramelised almonds are definitely the most sought-after pieces in its vary. It's expanded to incorporate desserts and confectioneries and gives balanced bites of Granola mixes, dry cakes and cookies.

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  The model assures that each meticulously handmade chocolates are established through the very best quality cocoa ranging from 35% to 90% sourced from countries this sort of as Ghana, Madagascar, Brazil and Malaysia to name several. The variety of berries are freeze-dried retaining their dietary properties and freshness are sourced from U.S, Italy U.K and Turkey. The colored cocoa butter is imported from Belgium.

  It can be the pursuit for being amazing that keeps the ‘alluring’ magic alive in each individual chunk!

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